Author: Anupama

  • Telnet Client Installation on Windows 10

    Telnet Client Installation on Windows 10

    Telnet client on windows is one utility that enabled telnet protocol. This utility has been used to check TCP bidirectional connections between TCP servers. We generally use it to test listening port is reachable or not from one client. By default, it is not installed on Windows 10. You can install this very easily by […]

  • Change Default GIT Author and Committer in Eclipse GIT Plugin

    Change Default GIT Author and Committer in Eclipse GIT Plugin

    While working in Eclipse IDE and GIT plug-in for Eclipse, Author and Commiter filed is set by default to PC name and current user as displayed in pic given below. But in most cases, we want to do commits with our Git user and email id, You can set author and committer while committing. But […]

  • Docker Basic Interview Questions and Answers

    Here is a list of some very basic Docker interview questions. Answers are written on the basis of Docker Guide. 1- What is Docker? Ans: Docker is an open-source containerization platform to develop, package, shipping, and running applications. It enables the separation of applications from infrastructure. Using docker we can package applications with all underlying […]

  • Spring Boot Upload File to S3 Asynchronously

    In Spring Boot uploading files to S3 can be implemented using the REST API POST/PUT method very easily. This can be implemented using Spring WebMVC and was s3 SDK. I this example I used the following dependencies using Gradle. Gradle dependencies Spring boot config for async upload file to AWS S3 We need to define […]

  • Extract and Strip Text From PDF in Java Example

    Extracting text from a pdf file using Java is quite easy using the Apache PDFBox Java library. This library provides PDFTextStripper class which is used to strip text from PDF files. This library can be included using Gradle, maven, and other builds systems from the Maven repository. Gradle dependency: Maven dependency: Example to Extract text […]

  • Adding Watermark to PDF using Java

    Adding a text-based watermark to existing PDF using Java is quite simple using the Apache PDFBox opensource free library. This library is very handing and can be used to create new PDF and modify existing files. This can be easily added to maven and Gradle based projects by adding the following reference. Gradle dependency: Maven […]

  • How to make PDF of gmail message?

    Many times we need to print our Gmail message or we want to make PDF of our Gmail messages. Making PDF or printing Gmail messages is very simple. If you are using the Android Gmail app then just open your message and tap on the Hamburger menu as shown below. You will get the Print […]

  • How to create password protected PDF using MS Word?

    Many times we need to make password-protected PDF files to share with someone. If you are using MS office16 or above then it quite easy. Just click on export then click on Create PDF/XPS document as shown below. Creating a password-protected PDF using MS word is very easy, you just need to follow the following […]

  • How to Type in Hindi and Other Indian Languages on Windows 10

    Most of the computer users in India are now using Windows 10. Many times we need to type in Hindi or another mother tongues like Bengali, Marathi, Panjabi, etc. To doing this there are 2 very good tools are available by using those ones that can type in Indic languages very easily. One is from […]

  • How to Install dotnet framework on Windows 10

    Most of the time Windows 10 comes with the Dotnet framework preinstalled but some time when we install it with a minimal option it does not get installed by default. Many time when we try to install some windows programs windows prompts us to install the Dotnet framework. Installing the Dotnet framework is quite easy […]