Sheel S Prabhakar


With over 20 years of software development experience, I am a passionate, customer-oriented, and self-motivated software engineering leader. As a Sr Software Architect(Leadership) at UKG, I lead the modernization efforts of the world’s top workforce management and HCM suite. Currently working with UKG suit experience pillar and my responsibilities are:

  • Develop and implement long-term vision, service architecture, and design using state-of-the-art technologies at scale for a multi-billion dollar business.
  • Collaborate with product, architecture, and engineering teams across locations to leverage expertise, drive agenda, and deliver services.
  • Work with pillar leadership to plan the future roadmap of the product/services.
  • Coordinate with teams in the US, Canada, and India to create long-term architecture vision and design enterprise-level multi-tenant global cloud-scale resilient services.

In the past worked for 14 years as a Sr. Staff Engineering Manager at Samsung Research Institute, where I led the development of several large-scale, Multi-Region, multi-tenant, intelligent cloud-native SaaS services for CMS, end-to-end management, and monitoring of millions of Hotel TVs, Digital Signage devices. I worked with teams across the USA, South Korea, the UK, Canada, and Ukraine.

Core Expertise

  • Large Scale Enterprise System Architecture and Design
  • Architecture strategy, vision & roadmap planning
  • Cloud native SaaS development
  • API Design and Governance
  • Microservices, Data Pipeline, and Peta Byte Scale DB Desing (OLTP and OLAP)
  • Multi-tenancy and tenant fairness
  • POC development using Java, Python, and Modern Open-source technologies and Tools
  • Public cloud AWS & GCP
  • Cloud Security, Observability, and Cost optimization of cloud-based services.
  • Migration of Legacy Application systems to Cloud-based SaaS services, re-architecture, refactoring, re-develop
  • Helping teams in bootstrapping development, and troubleshooting complex Issues
  • Engineering leadership, Collaboration with Product, Development, and operation teams
  • Mentoring Architects & Technologists

I am looking forward to leading a team of managers, architects, and engineers to develop world-class cloud-native SaaS products to make everyone’s life easier.


Programming and Development Stacks

 Java, Spring Boot, Angular, C#, NodeJs, MongoDB, Angular, Python, Kafka, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Apache Solr, Druid, Spark, Redis, Postgres, MySql, Kubernetes, Docker, Cloud architecture & Patterns, API Design, Data Architecture, Design & Algorithms, REST, API Governance.


AWS, GCP, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Architecture style like Micro-services, Big Data, Big Compute, Event-Driven, N-Tire, etc., and related design patterns for Data Management, Design, and Implementation, Messaging, Management and Monitoring, Performance and Scalability, Resiliency, Multi region, DR, and Security.

Engineering Leadership

Engineering Management, Talent Management, Technical expertise, Strategic thinking, Innovation, Team building, Problem-solving, Agile methodologies, Collaboration, Continuous learning

Tools and DevOps

Lucid,, JIRA, Confluence, Salesforce, Slack, WordPress, GitHub, Jenkins, Docker, SRE Opensource Tools

Professional Experience

UKG (Kronos Solutions India PVT LTD)



Working as senior architect on the modernization of a world-leading workforce management software suite. Working closely with Engineering leadership, product, and UX teams in the USA, India, and Canada to finalize requirements, architecture, design, and POC/Prototype development. I am also working very closely with the development teams and regularly review to ensure all correct development stacks, patterns, and tools are used to create performant and quality products.

Project: Modernization of UKG integration and Suit

Development of cloud-based services to significantly reduce onboarding time for small and mid-sized customers, while delivering a seamless customer experience at UKG. These services were designed to integrate UKG services with third-party platforms using the Boomi integration platform’s iPack feature.

Designed and implemented a robust and flexible web service that allowed customers to import and export data using customizable configuration templates. These templates facilitated data validation and posting to UKG product’s REST APIs, ensuring data accuracy and compliance with specified formats.

In addition to my primary responsibilities, I initiated a crucial security-strengthening initiative aimed at enhancing the security of sensitive information. The initiative involved migrating all secrets to Google Secrets Manager and implementing an automated rotation and dynamic swapping mechanism for credentials used by backing services such as databases, message queues, and caching systems. Notably, this mechanism allowed for seamless rotation and swapping of credentials without the need to restart pods. To achieve this, I designed and successfully executed a proof of concept (POC) for Spring Boot-based services, which served as the foundation for a standardized secrets rotation and hot swapping pattern adopted throughout the entire company. For this, we used “dual user” approach for a seamless rotation and swapping process.

Tech: Java, Spring Boot, Angular, GCP Cloud, KMS, GSM, Cloud Storage, Postgres, Boomi, Micro Service Architecture, GKE, Spring Batch, Rabbit MQ, Redis, REST.


STAFF ENGINEER II (General Manager) (Jun. 2007 – Dec. 2021)

Leading Enterprise Platform Cloud Service Part for Signage and Hotel TV products which includes Solution Development, Support, and Operation. Engineering Management, hands-on in coding, responsible for Architecture and design, development, DevOps, performance tuning, and Support of product.

Some of my latest projects in Samsung are given below.

  1. LYNK CLOUD Solution

LYNK Cloud is a Central cloud-based multi-tenant solution for the Hospitality domain. LYNK Cloud provides a highly scalable, highly available SaaS-based solution for remote device management, Web-Based content management, and a recommendation system to boost hotel revenue (advertisement-based).

Live in   

Team Size: 8 in India and 5 in Samsung China

Tech: Java, Spring Boot, Angular, AWS Cloud, AWS IOT, MariaDB, SQS, Kafka, Redis, Cassandra, Micro Service Architecture etc


  • Reduced the cost of System by 30%
  • New Revenue model for Hotelier to boost their 30%+ revenue with Advertising
  • Full Business insight of Hotel Services available runtime
  • Full Compatibility of backward all Samsung Hotel TV since 2012
  • Highly Optimized Content Management System using WordPress VIP Platform


  • Samsung Pro Service Solution

Samsung Pro Service Solution is a cloud-based multi-tenant solution for the Signage product line. This solution supports Order creation, Billing management, Invoice management, and payment gateway for billing and settlement of Samsung customers for Samsung MagicINFO signage products.

Live in

Team Size: 5

Tech: Java, Spring Boot, Angular, AWS Cloud, Aurora DB, ECS, SQS, Micro Service Architecture etc.


  • Reduced the cost of System by 40%
  • Highly Optimized billing processing system for all payment
  • Full Business Insight for customer as well as Samsung


  • MagicINFO Insight and Pro Service NOC

MagicINFO Insight is a service to provide sales insight by collecting sales data and mapping is to advertisements played on Signage devices. Pro Service NOC is an AWS cloud-based NOC service to monitor a large set of MagicINFO Servers (Upto 1000 servers) and Digital Signage Devices (up to 1 million devices). This service has one Vision AI module for automatic monitoring of large displays and LED walls using IP camera live streams. This service also provides deep insight for operations to our customers as well as to R&D teams.

Team Size: 6

Tech: Java, Spring Boot, SQS, Python, Angular, AWS Cloud, AWS Aurora, ECS, ElasticSearch, S3, Micro Service Architecture, Vision AI etc.


  • Using sales insight customers are enabled to calibrate their advertisement, timing and offers to increase their sales.
  • Reduced Human based network operations monitoring cost by 70-80%




Designed and developed applications using, C# for Sales Automation.

Trisoft Systems – Noida


Worked on epos system for Hutch (Vodafone), changed all crystal reports to and C# based reports.

STG International Ltd – New Delhi

Programmer Analyst – (MAR. 2004 – APR 2005)

Worked on ERP for office automation.

Prosoft Automation and Education – Bhopal

Programmer Analyst – (JUL. 2002 – FEB 2004)

Developed core banking software for Cooperative banks using VB6, Oracle 8i, and Crystal Reports.