Office Lens PDF Scanner Mobile App for Online Classes

Office Lens is free to use the Mobile app for Android and Ios devices. Which is very handy in scanning documents, whiteboards, pictures, and cards.

This can be download from Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner Play Store and Microsoft Office Lens|PDF Scan Apple store.

Microsoft is known for its user-friendly products, Nowadays most of the schools are running classes online and after the ban of Chinese app cam scanner, many student find it difficult to scan there homework and other stuff.

The best thing that I like most is its very simple user interface.

  1. One option to select existing images from the gallery
  2. 4 Scanning option for Whiteboard, document, business cards, and pictures.
  3. You also get easy to navigate buttons for image editing like pen, ink, insert text, crop, and rotate.

To create a PDF document you just need to scan documents and or select from the phone image gallery and you can create the document in various formats like PDF, OneNote, Word (OCR document, and PowerPoint). PDF can be created directly on phone storage but for other formats, you need to sign in to Microsoft account.

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