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  • Change Default GIT Author and Committer in Eclipse GIT Plugin

    While working in Eclipse IDE and GIT plug-in for Eclipse, Author and Commiter filed is set by default to PC name and current user as displayed in pic given below. But in most cases, we want to do commits with our Git user and email id, You can set author and committer while committing. But […]

  • Visual Studio Code Cloning a GIT Repository

    Visual Studio Code is an open-source and free IDE for programmers. It has community-based plug-ins for different works. Nowadays it is one of the most widely used IDE for many development languages and platforms. The most important thing is that it runs on many platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux. It can be downloaded from it […]

  • GIT Uses in Eclipse Guide

    Eclipse IDE is the most widely free open source editor mostly used by Java developers. It comes in many trims packages like Eclipse¬† Java, J2ee, Php, C/C++. It has an array of Plug-ins support by community and commercials licenses. Now most of the Eclipse IDE has a preconfigured GIT repository integration tool, if your installation […]