Better way to inspect website cookies

Website or HTTP Cookies are data stored on client web browser which can be used for later operation. There are different type of cookies like session, http only, secure, persistence, zombie and third party. You can read in details about cookies in books or internet.

As a web developer many time you need to use these cookies and for that you may need to debug you application and verify and manage your application cookies data. For this you can use modern web browsers like Google Chrome, IE etc. By using these browser’s developer tool you can easily inspect you application cookies and delete them.

Using Google Chrome to Inspect cookies

Open you web page and do some operation like login or any thing and open developer tool using browser’s developer tool option. It will open one developer tool window where you can see many options. In developer’s tool windows Navigate to Cookies tab under resources menu. There you can see all cookies used by you web page. This will show you all details of cookies used by your website like session, http only, secure, persistence, zombie and third party. Refer this.


Using IE 10 to Inspect cookies

In IE open developers toll using F12 key or from toll’s menu. Goto network tab and click on start capturing button and then reload a peg or perform some action on web page. Now you can see all network operation(request and repose by browser to different servers).


Now click on “Go To detailed View” button and then select cookies tab. On this tab you can see and inspect cookies of website by navigating individual url using prev and next buttons.


You can use both by your convenience. But chrome is looking better for cookies.