Create ER Diagram For Existing MySQL Database

MySQL DB is the most widely used database in the world for small scale to large scale application. As MySQL is currently owned by Oracle and sells enterprise edition of MySQL and there is also one community edition maintained. Now there are many databases based on MySQL core.

Apart from the DB engine, it provides many free open source tools to perform various tasks on MySQL DB, like management, analysis, visualization, query execution, etc.

As this is the most common open-source free database used by a number of companies, many times we need to create ER diagram for reverse engineering, visualization, and analysis of DB structure.

MySQL Workbench is one of the free tools of MySQL, used for doing various tasks. Using this GUI tool one can easily generate ER diagrams for existing databases.

This can be launched by MySQL Workbench using the menu Database-> Reverse Engineer option.

Follow the given steps below to generate ER diagrams based on existing relationships between entities.

Launch the Reverse Engineering Wizard

Click Next next unit Select object

By default all tables will be selected, you can deselect the tables those you do not want to be included in ER diagram.

After execution, it will generate ER digram

Using MySQL Workbench now you can visualize relationships between entities, you can save generated ER model for further work.

Uo can also create logical groups of entities for better understanding using layers.

You file menu you can also export ER diagram in various formats like PNG, PDF, SVG format, etc.

MySQL Workbench Model is a very useful tool for database modeling and reverse engineering.

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