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  • HttpClient Java Get Example with Query String and Custom Headers

    Apache HttpClient java library is my most preferred HttpClient library for making HTTP requests. One can easily add parameters, body, and custom headers with clean interfaces. Since version 4.0 it also provides EntityUtils to read the response from HttpResponse into string and byte arrays. Here is a complete example to make get requests with parameres […]

  • Connection Timeout In Java HTTPClient, RestTemplate and URLConnection

    Connection timeout is the time for which an HTTP client or Socket client waits, if the server doesn’t respond in that time or not found then the client closes the connection. HTTP also uses sockets internally. Connection timeout is different from the Connection Request timeout or connection read timeout. In many situations, the client doesn’t […]

  • Best Libraries for Working with CSV in Java

    Reading and writing CSV in Java can be very simple by the use of some well known and stable CSV library. One can write CSV using core java classes very easily for reading CSV can be problematic as there are many variations in CSV. CSV is one of the most common data formats for exporting […]

  • SpotBugs Static Analysis Tool For Java Developers

    SpotBugs is a software tool for static analysis of Java programs, which is free to download, use,  open-source and can be used in various ways. It can be installed as Eclipse Plugin, configured with Maven build as plugin and Gradle builds as a plugin. It is very handy while being used as an Eclipse plugin […]

  • Best Way to Keep Java Code Clean and Organized Using Eclipse

    Eclipse IDE Java Editor Save Actions option should be used by all developers as it helps to keep code clean and organized. Eclipse is the most widely used IDE for Java programming as it provides a lot of features and it has the support of many free and paid plugins. Most important it is free […]

  • Merge Two list in Java in Efficient Way

    While doing development many times we need to merge two or more collections in Java. Sometimes we need simple concatenate two or more lists or sets or merge two or more lists by removing duplicates and sometimes we need to do this is sorted order. Here is one example to merge two lists, this can […]

  • Create, Partition and Reverse Array List Using Guava Lists

    Guava Lists is part of the Guava core java library. It is used to perform many frequently used operations on an array lists like creation, partition, reversal, and many more. Java Guava lib is collection of very safe and handy libs for working with collection types (such as list, multimap, bimap, and multiset), immutable collections, […]