Function to unquote string using JavaScript

Best way to unquote string in JavaScript. Utility example of method to unquote string using JavaScript.

Know how to unquote string in java script. Here is method to do this is best way sung js native slice string function.

<script type="text/javascript">
function unquote(str, quoteChar) {
      quoteChar = quoteChar || \'"\';
      if (str[0] === quoteChar && str[str.length - 1] === quoteChar)
        return str.slice(1, str.length - 1);
      else return str;
    //test function
    document.write(\'<p> blank test \'+unquote("\'Hello World\'","\'") +\'</p>\');
    document.write(\'<p> blank test \'+unquote(\'"Hello World"\',\'"\') +\'</p>\');
    document.write(\'<p> blank test \'+unquote(\'$Hello World$\',\'$\') +\'</p>\');

Here is output.

js example