Spring Boot Redis Data Repository Example with Other Data Source

Spring Data Redis is JPA based framework to use the Redis cache as temporary data store. Using this framework you can use redis cache as any other database with spring data. Using JPA interfaces you can just perform CRUD operations and write custom queries.

Configuration can be done using properties or @Configuration. In this example, I used H2 DB for the datastore and redis cache for the cache data store. It means there are two repositories.

In this post, I will focus on the redis part only.

Gradle dependencies for Spring Data Redis

	implementation 'org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-data-redis'
	implementation 'redis.clients:jedis'

Configuration for Redis DataSource




spring.redis.host =
spring.redis.port = 6379

Cache Configuration

Use @EnableRedisRepositories annotation to assign redis Datasource on DTO and Repository object with basePacjages/baseClasses attributes and @EnableJpaRepositories to another data source.

@EnableRedisRepositories(enableKeyspaceEvents = RedisKeyValueAdapter.EnableKeyspaceEvents.ON_STARTUP,
basePackages = {"com.c4c.authn.core.repository.redis"})
@EnableJpaRepositories(basePackages = {"com.c4c.authn.core.repository.db"})
public class AuthApplication {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		SpringApplication.run(AuthApplication.class, args);


Define redis Entity

Use @RedisHash with a key otherwise, it will generate on its own.

RedisHash marks Objects as aggregate roots to be stored in a Redis hash.

As default TTL we define in application property to 10 minutes, this can be set to each cache entry by putting @TimeToLive annotation to a member or method whose value is numeric. The default unit for @TimeToLive is seconds but you can define it.

TimeToLive marks a single numeric property on aggregate root to be used for setting expirations in Redis. The annotated property supersedes any other timeout configuration.

RedisHash(value = "cache_item", timeToLive = 600000 )
public class CacheItem {

    @TimeToLive(unit = TimeUnit.SECONDS )
    private Long ttl;

    private String id;

Define Repository

public interface CacheItemRepository extends JpaRepository<CacheItem, String> {

Define Service

public interface CacheService {
    void add(CacheItem response);

    boolean exists(String id);

public class RedisCacheServiceImpl implements CacheService {

    private CacheItemRepository brandRepository;

    public void add(CacheItem response){

    public boolean exists(String id){
        return !this.brandRepository.findById(id).isEmpty();

Test with Junit 5

public class RedisCacheServiceImplTest extends BaseServiceTest {
    private CacheService cacheService;

    public void test_add_ok() throws InterruptedException {
        this.cacheService.add(new CacheItem(5l, "ID1"));



Checkout complete working source at https://github.com/sheelprabhakar/spring-boot-authn-authr-ms.git

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